Type: Electric hoist and End carriage

Capacity: 5T

Lifting height: 9m

Quantity: 1sets

Region: Thailand

Our customers in Thailand have been very happy since we cooperated in May last year. Often purchase some products. This time he asked for the European style hoist and the end beam, not the main beam of the crane. The customer gave us the size of their I-beam. Although his main beam is much smaller than our standard, the width of the European style hoist can be adjusted, so our product can be installed on their main beam. There are also end beams that match their existing cranes and run at two speeds.

At the beginning, the customer did not need electrical appliances, but at the end of our production, the customer asked for another set of electrical appliances. Now the goods have arrived in Thailand, and two days ago, the customer sent me pictures that they have installed.

Tags: hoist
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