Brief introduction

    Rubber tire gantry crane is a product developed based on rail mounted container gantry crane and has a wider range of uses. It can be used with diesel generators, rubber heavy tires are used for walking, and hydraulic steering is controlled. Compared with the rail mounted container gantry crane, it does not need to lay track and power supply system, and it is flexible to steer without limitation of track. The operating site can also be hardened cement concrete pavement or asphalt concrete pavement, reducing the cost of infrastructure. It is easy to operate and use and can be applied to various hoisting environments.

    It has the functions of straight travel, oblique travel, 90° in-situ steering, etc. Due to the rubber tire walking, compared with the wheel-rail type, it has less requirements on the roadbed and the ground, and the equipment has a higher secondary utilization rate.DFHOISTS can customize rubber tire gantry cranes of various specifications.

    TypeRubber Tire Mobile Gantry Crane
    Load Capacity3t to 100t
    Lifting Height3 ~ 15 m or customized
    Lifting Speed0.5~8 M/Min or frequency control
    Cross Travelling Speed0~20 M/Min frequency control
    Crane Travelling Speed0~30 M/Min frequency control
    Crane Turning Degreestraight travel, oblique travel, 90° in-situ steering
    Protection gradeIP55
    Insulation GradeF/H Grade
    Working ClassA5-A6
    Working temperature-20 ~ 45 ℃
    Power supplyDiesel/AC
    Way to ControlPendant Push Button / Wireless Remote Control
    SpecificationCE, ISO
    Safety deviceBuffer, current overload protection, overload device, power failure protection
    Application areaVessel assembly warehouse, machinery manufacturing workshop or outdoor storages, etc.