Free combination suspension hoisting system is a simple structure product, which is suitable for various mounting environments. The lifting system consisting of a support frame, beam, longitudinal beam, then suspend the track and the main beam. It is mainly apply to that top of the building that cannot be load or changed.

    The workstation crane system of steel or aluminum profile changed the understanding of lifting equipment in the traditional industrial field. It makes crane design more compact, assembly more convenient, and use more ergonomic. It improves work efficiency and provides more cost-effective choices for the industrial sector.


    • Reduce the cost of the plant: the equipment does not need to use the plant pillar, which can reduce the construction cost of the plant.
    • No foundation: for existing workshops, if the floor thickness is greater than 150mm, the installation of chemical bolts can be used directly.
    • High efficiency: accurate design can be carried out according to the moving space that needs to be covered.
    • Modular design: it can be added and reduced according to the changing production needs, and the removal is easy and fast, which does not affect the normal use of cranes in other regions.
    • Accurate positioning: small structure, convenient operation and accurate positioning.
    • Energy saving and environmental protection: low power, low energy consumption, saving electricity and steel cost.
    • High comprehensive benefit: maintenance of rail system, convenient maintenance of electrical components and low cost, reduce the time and labor cost caused by equipment failure.
    • Easy to install: because of the modular design, all parts are bolted and installed and maintained conveniently.



    Trolly:Running inside beam, the noise is small and running smooth.jpg

    KBK track:Cold rolled steel plate high strength and toughness light weight

    Track:Cold rolled steel plate, high strength and toughness, light weight

    Track suspension

    Track Suspension:The height and width are adjustable and the surface is galvanized

    Motor:Small volume small noise stable operation can be controlled by frequency conversion

    Motor:Small volume, small noise, stable operation, can be controlled by frequency conversion

    You can choose a built in slider.

    You can choose a built in slider.

    chain hoist

    Chain Hoist:Hoist double speed, low noise, smooth operation


    Dimension Lifting capacityL(overall length)LK(span)H(overall height)h(lift height)