Product introduction

Grab is a device for grabbing and unloading bulk materials by opening and closing two combination buckets or multiple jaws.

According to the packing density of the material to be grabbed, the grab bucket can be divided into light (such as grabbing grain), medium (such as grabbing sand) and heavy (such as grabbing iron ore). According to the number of jaw plate,it can be divided into double jaw plate grab and multi-jaw plate grab. The most commonly used is double jaw plate grab. The mechanical grab is through the opening and closing of the grab by the retracting of the wire rope, and generally cooperates with the professional grab crane.

Grab as the best loading and unloading tool for bulk materials, it is widely used in ports, mining, steel, warehousing, coal and other industries.

DFhoist Grab Advantages

  • Overall structure Q345B(a572gr.50)
  • High wear resistance 50Mn cutting edge plate
  • Shaft pin material 40Cr through quenching and tempering treatment
  • Self-lubricating wear-resisting bushing
  • Rolling pulley 16Mn
  • Maintenance-free bearing bush (MC901)
  • Mn13 high manganese steel bucket teeth can be added

Parameters Table

Model Volume( m3 ) Type Rate material( t/m3 ) Pulley rate Pulley dia Rope dia Grab self-weight( t ) Using crane capacity(t)
U1 1 Heavy >1.8~2.9 5 ø350 ø14-16 2.1 5
U2 1.5 middle >1.0~1.8 5 ø350 ø14-16 2.25 5
U3 2.5 Light >0.5~1.0 3 ø350 ø14-16 2.38 5
U4 2 Heavy >1.8~2.9 5 ø500 ø18-20 3.94 10
U5 3 Middle >1.0~1.8 5 ø500 ø18-20 4.4 10
U6 5 Light >0.5~1 3 ø500 ø18-20 4.6 10
U7 3 heavy >1.8~2.9 5 ø610 ø21.5 6.4 15
U8 4.5 middle >1.0~1.8 5 ø610 ø21.5 6.98 15
U21 2.5 light 0.86 4 ø400 ø16 10.3 2.83
U27 2 middle >1.0~1.6 5 ø400 ø16 12.2 2.5


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