Product introduction

    Electric hydraulic multi-lobed grab & double-lobed grab is a kind of working device which provides power to hydraulic cylinder through hydraulic power source, thus driving the opening and closing of left and right two buckets or multiple jaw plates to grab and unload bulk materials. Hydraulic grab belongs to hydraulic structural parts, and hydraulic cylinder is the most important driving component. We use international first-line brand hydraulic components for long service life.

    Electric hydraulic grab is characterized by grasping big force, high automation, which can work in the bad environment for a long time. It is an ideal loading and unloading tool for bulk ore, scrap steel, garbage, straw, slag and other materials. It is mainly used in iron and steel, mines, coal mine, ports, mineral waste residue and other industries.

    DFHOIST advantage

    • Motor uses SIEMENS or international first-class brand.
    • Hydraulic pump, cylinder, cylinder seal, oil pipe fittings adopt REXRTOH, SUN, PERMCO and other European and American international famous brands
    • 32# anti-wear hydraulic fluid
    • High wear resistance 50Mn cutting edge plate
    • Shaft pin material 40Cr through quenching and tempering treatment
    • Self-lubricating wear-resisting bushing
    • Overall structure Q345B(a572gr.50)
    • Overpressure test and commissioning after assembly
    • Optional Mn13 high manganese steel bucket teeth


    According to grab material type, it can be divided into:

    • Electric hydraulic double lobed grab: sand, coal, coking coal, etc.
    • wireless remote control double lobed grab: used in ports, bulk carriers, mineral powder, coal, sand.
    • Electric hydraulic rectangular multivalve grab: scrap, wood and so on.

    Parameters Table

    TypeVolume(m³)Self-weight(t)Power(KW)Closing time(S)Closing height(mm)Opening height(mm)Closing width(mm)Opening width(mm)