Light gantry crane also known as simple gantry crane, the maximum capacity up to 10 ton, general application of 3 tons and below. Wide range of applications, indoor and outdoor venues can be used without occupying the space inside the workshop, matching with the existing hoisting equipment in the workshop to meet various hoisting requirements, work with existing lifting equipment in the workshop to meet various lifting requirements and increase work efficiency. Unique modular design, it can be broken down into several easily transportable parts, also can be assembled quickly in other places, which is very useful in many situations, which can flexible match with various lifting equipment to meet the different requirements. Can flexibly match various lifting equipment to achieve various functional requirements for different operations

Use Range

Simple structure, low cost, easy operation, can be operated by hand, the lifting cargo can move in all directions. Suitable for transfer of small materials inside and outside the workshop, It is widely used in assembly workshop, machine shop, mold assembly shop, repair and maintenance workshop, small freight station, warehouse, and workshop, etc.


  • Easy to install on any flat hardened floor.
  • The walking wheels are covered with rubber, which can push smoothly with steering, and can manually adjust the walking direction. Electric operation can be chose.
  • Walking wheels with brakes, step on the brakes when lifting the goods, lifting more secure, Put on the brakes when parked to prevent slipping.
  • The four wheels can be selected to be universal wheels, which can meet the rotation of the space in a narrow space and can also be inclined.
  • Lightweight installation reduces installation time and costs.
  • Rapid returns on investment can be achieved by increasing production efficiency.
  • Small size, easy to disassemble and transport.

Optional height

Lifting the main girder is good for work, like outlooks, or where need higher lifting height. The height of the main girder also can be reduced to ensure normal operation where there are obstacles. So it's beneficial to work when lower the center of gravity.


Parameters Table

Model Rated load (kg) Height (m) Span (m) Main girder height (mm) Move mode
PT-0.25 250 3-9 3-9 140 Pushthe universal wheel by hand, with brake. Walking motor can be chosen.
PT-0.5 500 3-9 3-9 140
PT-1 1000 3-9 3-9 160
PT-2 2000 3-9 3-9 160
PT-3 3000 3-9 3-9 200
PT-5 5000 3-9 3-9 200


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