Application Fields

    Mobile boat hoist crane is a kind of flexible safe and reliable lifting equipment. This equipment has variety steering mode, bring its own power, which is suitable for the boat lifting of yacht club, water amusement park, water training center, navy and so on.

    Main Features

    Own diesel generators to provide power, the whole crane with hydraulic drive; distance of lifting points adjustable, multiple lifting points while lifting, tire traveling structure simple, with the function of oblique motion , Ackerman steering and rotary 360° place , with 4% of climbing ability when full load; the connection between main beam and end beam is articulated form, remove the partial stress due to travelling on the bad road condition.

    Core Technology

    • The infinite ship height transported
    • No damage for the boat during transport
    • Pure scroll without slippage of the tyre
    • Multi-point sync lifting control
    • Internal force release on complex road
    • Tyre no skid during transport
    • Synchronous detection feedback control
    • Flexible steering control

    Structural composition

    • Lifting mechanism:  safety brake   None-damage lifting1. Lifting mechanism:  safety brake   None-damage lifting
    • Steering mechanism: Flexible   Efficient
    • Hydraulic and electric control system:  13 safety detection which can suitable for all kinds of boat
    • Traveling mechanism: Stable synchronization Detection feedback
    • Suspension center adjusting mechanism: Adjustment before lifting suitable for all kinds of boat.
    • Gantry Structure: High-strength material    Variable section design

    Mobile Boat Hoist Parameter

    Lifting speed m/min0~2.50-10-10-10-10-10-0.60-0.6
    Travelling speed
    Climbing ability4%4%4%4%4%4%2%2%
    Lifting mechanism/lifting point No.4/84/164/164/164/328/328/328/64
    Diesel engine power851121322002502×2002×2302×380
    Gross weight of equipment366278108182280400556