Brief Introduction

Container Gantry Crane refers to the gantry crane specially used for stacking and loading and unloading in the container yard. It is equipped with a special hydraulic rotatable/telescopic spreader. According to usage and structure, it can be divided into Rubber tyred gantry (RTG) crane & Rail Mounted Gantry (RMG) crane.

The RTG crane is usually powered by a diesel engine. It is maneuverable and flexible with variable frequency speed regulation, and it can turn straight and turn on the spot. The cart walking mechanism has a special deviation correction device. It is equipped with signal devices such as overload protection, diesel engine overspeed protection, high water temperature and low oil pressure; wind speed indicator, anti-typhoon anchoring device; emergency stop button and limit switch and signal indication of each mechanism.

RMG crane is suitable for loading and unloading ports with large throughput. The whole machine has high working level and can work 24 hours a day. It features fast speed and high reliability. It can also be equipped with an integrated crane management system and wirelessly transmit data with external control rooms. It realizes uninterrupted monitoring, fault diagnosis and data set collection of the crane's operating system by cooperating with logic control.

Main parameters

Technical parameters
Capacity(Under spreader)(t) 32T 40.5T 50T
Span(Rail gauge)(m) 20~40m
Effective cantilever length(m) 7m~8m
Lifting height(Under spreader)(m) 8~20m
Lifting speed(m/min) Full load1.5~15
No load 2.4~24
Crane travel speed(m/min) 4~40
Trolley travel speed(m/min) 5~50
Spreader performance Match with 20'/40'/45' Containerautomatic telescopic spreader
Container rotation Crane trolleyrotation / container spreader rotation
Power 3Ph,Dieselgenerators
Control Full-vehicleinverter PLC control
Wind resistance level 31m/s
Earthquake level 6 level
Protection class IP55
Temperature -10~50°C