As one of the most important accessories in the lifting equipment, the drum plays a vital role in the lifting equipment. It is responsible for winding the steel wire rope, carrying the pulling force and pressure of the lifted heavy object, and lifting and carrying the heavy object with the cooperation of other related crane structures.

Generally, three kinds of materials can be selected: gray iron, cast steel and steel plate reel. The gray iron is HT200, the cast steel is generally cast steel 20 #, and the steel plate is available in Q235B, Q345B, 45 #, etc. Generally speaking, heat treatment is not required for drum; some products are used on special equipment, and the rope groove will be required for heat treatment

The most important part of drum processing is welding and lathe processing. The welding process guarantees the quality of the drum welding seam and the strength and rigidity of the drum. Generally, the welding seam needs to be inspected for UT and MT to check the welding quality; lathe processing ensures that the drum size and tolerance meet the drawings and products Requirements.

There are also products whose plate thickness exceeds the rolling capacity of the plate rolling machine, and the process of heating the steel plate and then rolling is required. The plate thickness of about Ø400 is greater than 25, the plate thickness of about Ø500 is greater than 35, and the plate thickness of about Ø600 is greater than 40. These all require hot-rolled steel plates.

Production Process


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