The biggest advantage of the BX wall jib crane is that it can be installed directly on the wall or pillar, as well as on the equipment. It does not occupy any floor space, nor does it require civil works such as foundations. It is usually matched with chain hoists, wire rope hoists and chain hoists. The flanges are fixed directly on the wall or pillar. The rotation mode can select electric or manual type. The operation mode can select pendent line with press button or wireless remote control.

    The BX type wall jib crane has the advantage of not occupying the workshop interior space. It can be widely used in the workshop, production line for material lifting. This equipment is the most economical choice if your plant has pillar that can be used or the lifting radius is close to the wall or pillar.

    Detailed specifications

    Load capacity0.250.51235
    Rotation speed0.8r/min0.9r/min
    Arm length L(mm)53705380550056005700
    working radius R2(mm)5000
    Maximum working radiuR1(mm)300350400500600650
    Mounting height H143514501550
    Voltage220V~480V  50/60HZ  3PH