• Date: 2020.8.2
  • Country: China
  • Quantity: 1 set
  • Product name: Wire rope hoist

This customer came up from WeChat. The client is a Chinese and comes from Shandong Province. He said that he had visited our factory before and was very satisfied with the equipment and strength of our factory. He wants to buy a 16t single-speed hoist with a height of 9m this time.

If the product quality is satisfied, he will purchase our crane again. Our hoist is equipped with Nanjing General Plant Motor, Schneider Electric as standard. The customer requested an overload limiter, and I said there is no problem. This hoist has low headroom and is suitable for driving with narrow space above the main beam. The color is also our standard green. Delivery time is seven working days. The customer mentions it.

Our factory delivered the goods on time, and also provided the customers with the required inspection reports and manuals. The customers are very satisfied. A very happy cooperation. Looking forward to the next cooperation.

Tags: 1 Set Wire Rope Hoist Picked up by Shandong Province Customer,hoist
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