Time: 2017-11

Location: Bangladesh

Lifting capacity: 20T

Lifting height: 9m

Span: 20 m

This client from Hong Kong has extensive business in Bangladesh and is very familiar with Bangladesh. We didn't communicate much with Hong Kong customers for the first time. The customer said that there was a big market for our lifting equipment in Bangladesh, he wanted to investigate our strength, and then agent a brand. We express our utmost support for his work and negotiations.

The client inquired about several projects in the following two months, and this is one of them. He also recognized our quality and service in the past two months. After his client placed the order with him, the Hong Kong agent placed the order with us immediately.

So far, Hong Kong customers have been in contact with us for more than a year. We have cooperated with the agent for many times and both sides are satisfied.

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Tags: hoist
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