BZ jib crane is a kind of light and small workstation crane. Its pillar is fixed on the floor or foundation of the site using chemical bolts, expansion bolts, or hook bolts. The jib crane rotates around the pillar. The electric hoist is installed on the pillar. BZ - type jib crane is simple in structure and convenient in installation and maintenance.

    The BZ type jib crane does not need to rely on the workshop, and can be installed next to the equipment or station, which is easy to operate and occupies little space. It is widely used in machinery manufacturing, automobile, modern industrial production line, assembly line, assembly line and warehouse, dock, laboratory and other lifting occasions.


    • Small occupied space, no special requirements for factory space, indoor and outdoor can be used.
    • Seamless steel pipe and hot-rolled section steel are used for pillar arm, light weight and beautiful appearance.
    • Rotation can be operated by manual or electric, lifting mechanism with flexible matching like chain hoist, wire rope hoist, manual hoist and so on.
    • The power of lifting part supplied by the sliding ring, the rotation arm 360 degrees rotation.
    • All connection parts are bolt connection, which is easy to install.
    • We have rich product design experiences, also can meet all kinds of non-standard customization.


    Movable Jib Cranes

    Movable Jib Cranes

    Foldable Jib Cranes

    Foldable Jib Cranes

    Light Duty Jib Cranes

    Light Duty Jib Cranes


    chain hoist

    Chain Hoist: Hoist double speed, low noise, smooth operation


    Welding:CO2 gas shielded arc welding and submerged arc welding, less welding slag and high strength

    Rotating arm

    Rotating Arm:Made of hot rolled steel, with beautiful appearance and high strength


    Lifting Capacity (T)0.250.51235
    Maximum radius of rotation Rmax(mm)450045004500400040004000
    Minimum radius of rotation  Rmin(mm)800 (manual operation)
    1050 (motor-driven)
    900 (manual operation)
    1140 (manual operation)
    Lifting height h(mm)Generally 3000
    Total height H(mm)418042004280470049505150
    Arm Length L(mm)495049505000457046004650
    Lifting speed(m/min)7.16.8/2.36.9/2.36.8/2.38/0.88/0.8
    Horizontal speed (m/min)General speed 20/low speed1~10 variable frequency
    Rotation angle180°、270°、360°
    Voltage220~460V  50/60HZ  3PH

    Detailed specifications: commonly used, which can customized by the customer requirements!