Time: the 2017-04

Lifting capacity: 16T

Span: 15 m

Project: 16T single girder gantry crane

The customer was engaged in the machinery manufacturing industry. The rough parts to be processed and the processing assembled equipment need to be loading and delivery outdoors.

He needs to purchase a lot of equipment in China. After the parameter confirmation and drawing communication, the customer wants to visit our factory.

Customer plans to see 3 suppliers. We were under a lot of pressure because there were many suppliers whose prices were lower than ours. But the fact is that our judgment was wrong. After seeing our factory and production capacity, the customer clearly stated to us: Your price is not the lowest, but I am very satisfied with your strength and product quality. Lifting equipment is the special equipment, and if the equipment is damaged, it will delay my production. Based on the customer's trust, we gave him the biggest discount.

Below is the shipping picture:

MHT single girde MHT single girde MHT single girde MHT single girde

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