Time: the 2018-10

Location: Sri Lanka

Lifting capacity: 10T

Span: 11.56 m

Duty: A7

Purpose: foundry

T foundry

This crane is used in the casting foundry. The customer had a detailed understanding of our products. For example, protection level is Class H IP54, all cables use heat-resistant cable, there is heat insulation layer under the driver's cab and main girder, lifting is double braking (When one set of brakes is damaged, another set of brakes can guarantee a normal working cycle. ) and so on. In addition, the power supply of the crane is also resistant to high temperatures. These were all shown from customer side.

This customer is our long-term cooperator, who had purchased crane components before. Now, he tried to promote our lifting equipment in the local and has already achieved good results. At present, we have two set of 35T container gantry cranes under negotiation.

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Tags: Gantry Crane,hoist
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