Time: the 2017-09

Customer country: Colombia

Lifting capacity: 15/3t

Span: 25 single cantilever 5 meters

Project: 1 set MG15/3t double girder gantry crane


The customer has a beam factory in Saudi Arabia. The customer is very familiar with the Chinese market and the importation of Chinese equipment. At the same time, he is also very familiar with the various performance parameters of our products. We indeed make the great effort to sign this contract.

The customer inquired the price of many enterprises and made a lot of researching. The customer originally asked for our domestic configuration. After the comparison, he chose the import configuration. After his consideration, our DFhoist finally won the order.

Since the main beam exceeded the length of the container, we cut off the main beam. Please don't worry, the truncation is very safe. Our engineers said, even if the girder is damaged, it will never be damaged at the truncation point. Because according to manufacturing standards, the calculated strength of bolt and steel plate thickness at the truncation point is far greater than that required by international standards.


Tags: hoist
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